Mixology Collection

Be your own DIY Mixologist! Step up your perfect party punch or fulfil the nostalgic craves of alone time with a perfect martini or cognac with our wide range of fruit, fresh herb and flavours inspired by combinations that are perfect for making cocktails and mocktails. Enjoy 9 delectable HELADIV mixology flavours with a twist and a whole new punch!

Tropical Bellini

This fresh and smooth tropical blend is sure to feel like a cool splash on a summer’s day. Pineapple, mango, apple, rose petals, papaya, rosehip and cherry flavours come together in a refreshing iced tea experience that turns your tea into a moment of celebration.

Rosy Cuba

Give yourself an energy boost with fruity-sweet, delightful strawberries that are perfected with the charming candy-like scents of butterfly pea flowers, rose and jasmine buds. Let the awe of this colourful infusion lift your spirits. Feel all breezy by adding this to your favourite cocktail or mocktail.

Spiced Apple

Let the absolute juiciness of crunchy apples, delicately fragrant aroma, sweet warm spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves and the rich, warm woody taste of Rooibos engulf you. Let this drink escort you to nostalgic memories - imagine the warm hues of a sunset if you feel like it.

Sencha Mania

Trade your wine for a Sencha Mania! Let the mouthwatering spearmint, smooth earthiness of sencha tea and pungent lemongrass accompany your hearty meal. May this special blend elevate your dining experience. May it be unwinding as a gentle breeze that blows across golden mountains and sandy beaches of the Taprobana. Sniff it, swirl it, sip it, and savor it.

Per Unit Units Per Master Carton
2g x 15 Silken Pyramid Tea Bags 12