Heladiv Beverages

Tea Syrups

Made from 100% pure Ceylon tea using a methodology to retain the natural taste and properties of tea. This iced tea syrups are ready-to-dilute and drink (RTDD). Dilute 1 part in 4-10 parts of mineral water or soda water. Available in a range of exciting flavours in 185ml and 750ml PET bottles.


Subtle yet elegant, this aromatic syrup is perfect for light, floral, romantic cocktails.


Dwell in the hearty taste of blueberry with the earthy yet fruity tones that create a tasteful tea experience.


Enjoy the mild sweetness of fresh strawberry with subtle tangy notes that come together to create this fragrant tea concentrate.


Tangy, familiar and filled with flavor, this is the perfect drink to make you feel like home.


A sunny, fruity beverage with a hint of much needed zing to elevate your casual iced tea experience.


A refreshing balance of fragrant intensity that combines a host of aromatic flavours to create an authentic taste of tea.


A drink that will transport you to the Caribbean or South America! A sip of HELADIV Soursop in your mouth moves through tastes, of tangy, sour to sweet, similar to pineapple! Feel that pungent sweet and sour aroma flood your nostrils!


The delicate succulence of lychee enhanced in a sweet, exotic, flavour perfected for iced teas, cocktails, sodas and smoothies.


Sip on the essences of a sunny day with this special flavoured concoction that combines the familiar tastes of iced tea with the unmistakable zest of tropical mangoes.


Once a famed flavour in the ancient orient, Peach concentrate combines the rich essences of its origins to create a delicious and festive drink.


Be it your morning beverage or afternoon tea or a festive cocktail recipe, this concentrate adds heart-warming spice to a variety of brews.

Bulk Packaging Options

Bulk packing for HoReCa / Food Service Solutions and as an ingredient for beverage, bakery and confectionery manufacturers.

Bulk Packaging – HELADIV tea concentrate in 5 and 25 litre food grade PU canisters provide an ideal solution for high volume operations.
*Dilution ratio 1 : 8 -10

Per Unit Units Per Master Carton Master Cartons Per Pallet
2L cans 5 64
5L PU Can 1 288 Cans
20L/25L PU Can 1 40 Cans
10Kg Bag-In-Box (BIB) 1 30
1000 Ltr Tote 1 N/A

Iced Tea Tetra Packs

Heladiv ready-to-drink iced tea is made from 100% Ceylon tea extracts that are processed at our state-of-the-art tea extraction plant. Our special extraction process carried out without subjecting the tea to high temperatures (as in instant teas) ensures that our iced teas retain its natural flavour.
Each of our delicious variants are rich in antioxidants and have been packed into easy-to-carry 200ml TETRA packs that safely preserve this refreshing thirst quencher.

Per Unit Units Per Master Carton Master Cartons Per Pallet
200ml Tetra pack 12 172

Non-tea Syrups

A collection of premium syrups, rich in flavour and taste. These variants are ideal for enhancing the taste of desserts and beverages such as lattes, mochas, smoothies, shakes and specialty cocktails. The Gourmet Syrup Collection is a 100% natural product with taste profiles that closely emulate leading international brands.

Heladiv Premium Gourmet Syrups are ideal for cafés, pubs and clubs serving hot and cold beverages as well as hotels preparing gourmet desserts. The product is versatile in many ways and can be used for making an array of delicious beverages and desserts.

King Coconut Water

HELADIV King Coconut Water is not only a delicious natural thirst quencher, but also a source of replenishing minerals. King Coconut Water is indigenous to Sri Lanka and and is free of chemicals, preservatives, colours and sugar. King Coconut Water with black and green tea provides natural antioxidants and a wonderful harmony of flavours.

100% Natural

Made with hand-picked King Coconuts and 100% Ceylon Tea. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added.

Fat Incinerator

King Coconut water is naturally rich in bioactive enzymes that aid in digestion and metabolism. Green Tea supercharges this ability through its many Antioxidants and helps you burn excess body fat.

Quick Hydration

King coconut water is full of electrolytes and minerals that will help you hydrate after strenuous physical activity.

Immune Booster

Cytokinins present in King Coconut water have been proven to have anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti- thrombotic (anti-clot formation) effects.

Item Code Product Name Per Unit Units Per Master Carton Master Cartons Per Pallet
OKGB0001 King Coconut Water With Green Tea and Lime 350 Glass Bottle 12 108
OBGB0001 King Coconut Water With Black Tea 350 Glass Bottle 12 108
OGGB0001 King Coconut Water With Green Tea 350 Glass Bottle 12 108