HELADIV stems from the word 'Heladiva', which was an ancient name for Ceylon that the nationalists used, when referring to the island during the uprising against colonial rule.

What is the Paradise tree

For over a hundred years Ceylon Tea has been famously known as “the best tea in the world”. Its premium characteristics, variety of flavours and enriching aromas are influenced by a unique mix of climatic and geological conditions prevalent at the plantations in the many different tea growing regions of Sri Lanka.

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At Heladiv, we understand the importance of contributing towards a greener future. Our products are designed to meet this requirement by integrating traditional manufacturing with unique, green initiatives. We incorporate the use of “innovative packaging” minimising the use of cellophane. Additionally, all other areas are fitted with efficient fluorescent and LED lighting equipped with sensors to minimise energy wastage.

Our Reach

North/South America CIS/Europe Middle East & Africa Asia
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A brand with a Global Recognition

Being an innovator means going where nobody has gone before. Over the years we are proud to be recognized as the tea innovators and we promise to pioneer on!

All our products conform to the highest global standards for safety, quality, and fair compensation for all our stakeholders